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Chinese Government Demands Weibo Cease Streaming Video Services

The Chinese adage that the tall blade of grass gets cut first is definitely true this week, as China’s top …

China’s Gains Internet Publication License For Online Video

Chinese Internet video website has received its Internet Publication License issued by the General Administration of Press and Publication of China. With this new license, will have the right to publish audio and visual publications via the Web and mobile Internet in China. This will help the video company enhance and expand its […]

China’s Pilot Program For Convergence Of Three Networks Approved

According to reports in local media, following the rejection of five drafts, the sixth draft of the pilot program for the convergence of three networks in China has been approved by the government’s leadership team.
The program will reportedly start to collect implementation plans from pilot cities before June 15, 2010, and plans to enforce the […]

SARFT: Over 530 BitTorrent Websites Shut In China

Rectification of Internet audio-visual services in China has been raised to a new level and […]

China Launches Campaign Against Vulgar Websites

Seven Chinese government departments held a teleconference in Beijing today and announced that they would start a nationwide campaign to fight websites that spread pornography and vulgarity on the Chinese Internet.

China To Invest CNY2.5 Billion To Extend Coverage Of Terrestrial Digital TV

Wang Xiaojie, director general for the Science and Technology Department of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, said at the Fourth China Digital Media Summit that the country will invest CNY2.5 billion to extend the coverage of terrestrial digital TV, marking the beginning of the application of the Standard of Digital Television Terrestrial […]

The Day Video Died: SARFT Suspends Chinese Internet Video Websites

China’s State Administration of Radio Film and Television has released a report on an audit of the Internet audio-visual services in China and it has ordered ten websites to suspend their online video and Internet music operations.

New CMMB Tuner Developed By Sharp

Sharp is jumping into the Chinese mobile video broadcasting sector with a new mobile TV tuner that supports China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting.

SARFT Clarifies Operating Model, Technology System For CMMB

The State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China held a teleconference last week on China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting, in which the administration clarified the direction for the future development of CMMB.

SARFT Will Build Central-level CMMB Company

According to Xie Jinhui, vice director of the Academy of Broadcasting Planning of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television of China, the administration is planning to build a central-level company for China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting.