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Cheetah Mobile Forms Partnership For Native Ads With Yahoo

Chinese Internet and mobile Internet security company Cheetah Mobile announced a strategic deal with Yahoo for mobile search and native advertising platform partnerships. With the cooperation, Cheetah Mobile will integrate Yahoo’s “search in Apps” function into its various products, which will allow its users to enjoy Yahoo’s latest Buzz search tool as well as other […]

Baidu Taps BrandLink Internet Advertising In China

Chinese search engine is currently developing a new search advertising model named BrandLink.

Google Will Sweep Away Irregular Internet Advertising Agents In China

Google (GOOG) announced at its 2008 winter marketing forum in Beijing that it is preparing to launch an initiative to shutter all of the irregular digital advertising agents in China that resell Google’s services.

LG Refuses To Place Internet Advertising On In China

The Music Copyright Society of China said at a press conference that the activity it launched in June 2008, aiming to call for suspension of advertising on Chinese search engine Baidu, has gained some success and some brands, including LG, said they currently would not put advertisements on Chinese search engine Baidu (BIDU). Establishes Cooperative Partnership With and announced that the two websites has established a strategic partnership and will jointly set up a butted platform.