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Intellectual Property Rights Get Boost In China

China’s National Office Against Pornography and Illegal Publication, the General Administration of Press and Publication, the National Copyright Administration of China and China Central Television have jointly initiated the 2010 Green Bookmark intellectual property rights initiative in Beijing.
It is reported that the initiative will be carried out from April 12 to April 30, 2010, when […]

Chinese Search Engine Providers Sign Self-discipline Compact

Seven search engine service providers from China have jointly signed a self-discipline compact in Beijing.
The […]

Exposed: Chinese Internet Access Providers Give Access To Pornography

China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre has reported that six Internet access providers were giving users access to websites that contained pornographic and vulgar content.
The six Internet access providers are Beijing Teletron, Shanghai Telecom, Hangzhou Telecom in Zhejiang, Taizhou Telecom in Jiangsu, Mianyang Telecom in Sichuan, and Wuhan Telecom in Hubei.
CIIRC said these Internet access […]

“Sex” Will Be Taboo On Chinese Internet From July 1

The Ministry of Health of China has published the “Regulation on Internet Medical and Health Information Service Management”, which states that websites are prohibited to spread pornographic contents under the guise of sexual research or education.
The regulation, which will be effective from July 1, 2009, points out that the health channels of comprehensive portal websites […]

CCTV: Google China Is A Gateway To Vulgar Internet Content

China Central Television has exposed in its news and Focus Report programs that the website for Google China contains links to a large number of websites hosting pornographic and vulgar content.
China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre expressed its great resentment at Google China, via the television reports, and asked the search engine company to clear […]

China Plans To Pre-install Software For Preventing Viewing Of Pornographic Websites

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the Chinese government hopes to pre-install web censoring software in PCs sold in China after July 1 to block some banned websites.
The Chinese government has reportedly sent notices to major PC makers, but has not released the requirement to the public. The software, which is called […]

Four Chinese Video Companies Punished For Providing Vulgar Content

China’s General Administration of Press and Publication has published a list of four video companies that have been punished for providing vulgar Internet content.
The four companies are said to be Guangdong Shantou Haiyang Audio-Visual Publishing House, Jiangxi Culture Audio-Visual Publishing House, Beijing Wenlu Laser Technology Company and Guangdong Jintu Audio and Video Company. Among them, […]

What Are Chinese Netizens Talking About? Naked Pictures, Earthquake, And More…

Chinese Internet portal (NTES) has released its 2008 China Internet Communication Report which summarizes the hot topics being searched and discussed on the Internet and Chinese blogosphere.

CIIRC Exposes Second Batch Of Vulgar Chinese Websites

The China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre has published a list of the second batch of websites which provide “vulgar” Internet content.

Tencent Suspends Chinese QQ Chat Room

The Chinese instant messaging provider Tencent has announced on its official bulletin board forum that it temporarily closed its QQ chat room from January 8, 2009.