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Deciphering Alibaba CEO’s Letter To Investors

China’s Alibaba starts selling stakes in its Cayman Island company Alibaba Group Holding Limited today in the United States. In a “Letter From Jack Ma” which was filed last Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Ma “Jack” Yun outlines expectations, caveats, and hopes for armchair investors in his extended family of Chinese e-commerce businesses. […]

Alibaba Throws Money At Internet Privacy

Hu Xiaoming, Alibaba’s vice president for small- and micro-financial group and chief risk officer, announced in Beijing that the company will invest CNY40 million to establish a security fund. The security fund will be used to fight Internet phishing, trojans, money laundering, malicious attacks, and to protect user information. The security fund will cooperate with […]

Kingsoft Cloud Group Unveils Enterprise Online Storage Service

Kingsoft Cloud Group, the cloud computing subsidiary of China-based Kingsoft, has marked its formal entry into the enterprise market with a new service to help companies store their data online. Kingsoft Cloud Group was separated from Kingsoft’s online storage business in February 2011. Its businesses are divided into two sectors: the cloud storage platform targeting […]

Internet Businesses Push Alibaba’s Online Subsidiary To Postpone Contract Signings, the B2C section of Alibaba’s website, has published a report stating that its 2012 contract signings and renewals, which were planned to be launched on October 17, 2011, have been postponed. The company said they will soon publish another report to inform clients about the new start date of the contract signing and […]

Chinese Netizen Number Reached 457 Million In 2010

China Internet Network Information Center has published the 27th China Internet Development Report, stating that by the end of December 2010, the number of Chinese netizens had reached 457 million, an increase of 73.3 million compared with the same period in 2009. The report also said that the number of mobile Internet users in China […] Invest CNY1.36 Billion To Build Taobao City In Hangzhou

Chinese online auction website has started construction of its new headquarters, Taobao City in the Yuhang district of Hangzhou, and the project will cost about CNY1.36 billion. Taobao City is planned as the new office building of, which is a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba. The construction of the Taobao City will […]

Alibaba Locates First Cloud Computing Center In Nanjing

Alisoft, the software subsidiary of the Chinese B2B e-commerce giant Alibaba, has announced that the company will initially invest over CNY100 million to set up a cloud computing center in Nanjing, Jiangsu and to invest more in the next few years to promote the e-commerce applications development of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises.

Unemployed In Beijing Can Apply For Loans When Opening Online Shops

According to the information from Beijing Labor Service Management Center, the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau, and the Business Management Department of People’s Bank of China have jointly announced plans to enlarge the coverage of discount loans applied for by Beijing’s unemployed to assist them in starting their […]

Microsoft Launches SaaS Service Platform In China

Microsoft (MSFT) China has announced the formal opening of, the “Software as a Service” service platform jointly established with Suzhou Industrial Park, Microsoft and Jiangsu-based Fengyun Network Services. Stops Placing Advertising On In China

Local media is again reporting that a Chinese Internet company — in this case, — has suspended advertising on Chinese search engine (BIDU).