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China’s Communications Network Security Professional Committee Established

With online and wireless security more important than ever, the Communications Network Security Professional Committee of the China Association of Communications Enterprises has been created in Beijing to address issues surrounding spam, hacking, and phishing activities.
The members of the committee include China’s three major telecom operators, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom as well […]

China Anti-Malware Alliance Set Up In Tianjin

Initiated by China’s National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center, the China Anti-Malware Alliance has beenmore….

Price Increase For .CN Chinese Website Domain Names

The China Internet Network Information Center has announced that it has increased the price for […]

ISC Shutters Services Of More Than 4300 Chinese Open Email Relays

Huang Chengqing, secretary general of the Internet Society of China, has disclosed that ISC has closed down the open email proxies and relays of more than 4300 email service providers.