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Tencent Cloud Opens Outside Mainland China While Foreign Tech Still Blocked Inside Country

Tencent Cloud will officially launch its Hong Kong data center by the end of this week, marking the start of the Chinese Internet giant’s globalization strategy in the cloud computing sector. Tencent Cloud’s Hong Kong data center will reportedly focus on the Asia Pacific, Europe and American regions, providing comprehensive cloud computing services to those […]

Internet Services In China Affected By Typhoon

For about a day, businesses and computer users have been complaining about the near-shutdown of Internet services in China. According to information from China Unicom, due to the FNAL/RNAL cable breakdown caused by Typhoon Morakot last week, the Internet communication between China and other countries and regions such as the United States and Europe has […]

China’s Huawei Enters Submarine Cable Market

Huawei Marine Networks, a joint venture invested by Huawei Technologies and Global Marine Systems Limited, has started operation following an unveiling ceremony held in Tianjin.