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Uber Decides It Can’t Win In China As It Merges With Chinese Rival

USA and ChinaNo major Western software or online business has ever succeeded on its own in China for a sustained period of …

All Hail China’s New Ridesharing Regulations

Chinese taxi-hailing appsAmerican rideshare company Uber and its Chinese rival Didi Chuxing are cruising on the good news today that China has …

Uber Says Chinese Government Relations Help It Succeed

Uber has reportedly registered a new company in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone with CNY2.1 billion registered capital. According to reports in Chinese local media, this is reportedly Uber’s only independent company outside of America. Uber said that they plan to move their Chinese business to servers within the Chinese territory and the […]

What’s The Future For Taxi Apps In China?

On Valentine’s Day, two of China’s taxi-hailing apps agreed to merge. But is this a good business decision and does it benefit consumers in China? China’s two leading taxi-hailing apps Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache jointly announced on February 14, 2015, that the two companies will realize a strategic integration and they will hold an […]

Shanghai Cracks Down On Taxi Apps

Apps such as Hailo and Uber that operate on mobile devices and assist passengers to book taxis in Shanghai are facing more scrutiny in one of China’s largest cities. According to Chinese media reports, these types of third-party apps have led to disputes and are potentially dangerous as cabbies spend too much time looking at […]