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SATCM Exposes 32 Fake Health Websites In China

China’s State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has published its second list of fake TCM websites for this year, and a total of 32 traditional Chinese medicine service providers have been exposed.
The 32 websites are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, […]

Chinese Government Goes After Websites Selling Fake Drugs

China’s State Food and Drug Administration has listed 23 websites that have been found to be posting false drug information or selling fake drugs.

Guangcai Software Gains Additional Outside Support

NW Tech Capital is increasing its stake in the Zhuhai Jialun Guangcai Chain Drugstore Company by targeting the additional acquisition of proprietary enterprise software currently in use by over 2,000 pharmacies in China.

SFDA Exposes Fake Chinese Medicine Websites

China’s State Food and Drug Administration has found out during a recent review that some websites in the country are pretending to be other organizations by releasing false medicine information and selling fake medicines that endanger the public’s health.

SFDA Exposes 25 Illegal Drug Selling Websites

China’s State Food and Drug Administration has exposed 25 websites that have been involved in illegal selling of medicines.