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HP Launches Moonshot Server In China

Focused on saving energy and space, HP unveiled its latest server product Moonshot in China. Low power consumption is the highlight of Moonshot server. This is realized by adopting Intel’s low-power Atom chip, which is normally used on tablets, smartphones, and netbooks. HP claimed that compared with existing servers, Moonshot can reduce power consumption by […]

Xinwei Expands Broadband Coverage To More Chinese Households

Texas Instruments (TXN) and Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology Company announced that the next generation McWiLL/SCDMA macro base stations will enable millions of Chinese households to receive voice and data traffic at exceptional speeds, while lowering the cost of deployment for the country’s service providers.

Tech Companies Busted For Not Fulfilling Donation Promises In China

Statistics from China’s Ministry of Commerce show that 12 companies, including Nokia, Google China, and Texas Instruments, have not fulfilled their promise of making donations to China’s earthquake areas, but most of the companies say that they have been wronged as Ministry of Commerce’s statistics are incomplete.

Commit To Stop Operations, Pay Employees

Commit, a Chinese TD-SCDMA chip manufacturer which may face bankruptcy because of a loss of capital, has announced plans to stop business operations and pay off the defaulted salaries and travel expenses to its employees.