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SMIC Reaches Accommodation With TSMC

Chinese semiconductor foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation has announced that it reached an agreement with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited.
SMIC was previously found guilty of theft of trade secrets from TSMC by the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, in the United States.
Under the settlement agreement, the two parties will implement mutual release of […]

Kingsoft Teams With PICC To Launch Computer Security Insurance In China

Chinese software and online game provider Kingsoft and the People’s Insurance Company of China have jointly announced plans to launch a computer insurance edition of Kingsoft Duba to provide better security to PC users.
This new computer insurance edition of the anti-virus software Kingsoft Duba is an insurance product targeting personal computer users, and people who […]

Rising: Six Million Chinese Netizens Daily Visit Websites With Viruses

According to the latest website monitoring statistics offered by the Chinese anti-virus software provider Rising, the number of websites plagued by viruses and phishers recently shows a growth trend and the company’s Cloud Security system blocked 6.83 million visits to websites with viruses on January 20, 2009, alone.

Security Wars: China Establishes Alliance To Fight Phishing Websites

Formed by Chinese banks, securities institutions, e-commerce websites and domain name management and service organizations, the China Anti-phishing Website Alliance has been founded to fight phishing websites through better management of domain names and domain name servers.