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Foxconn Reshuffles How It Handles Sharp’s Assets

Sharp JapanSharp and its new Taiwanese parent company Foxconn will jointly establish an intellectual property management company on October 3, 2016 …

China’s Kingsoft Ciba To Launch Japanese Edition

Chinese software provider Kingsoft has launched the Japanese edition of its translation software Ciba in Tokyo.
The three major software products of Kingsoft, including the security software Duba and the office software WPS Office and Ciba, are now available in the Japanese market. The Japanese edition Ciba has two versions, which are the desktop version and […]

Dalian Opens Software Park In Tokyo

Established by Dalian Municipal Government, Dalian Software Park Japan has been opened in Tokyo, marking the birth of China’s first overseas software park.

P2P Security Firm Focuses On China

U.S.-based technology security firm Arbor Networks is opening a regional development center in Beijing to develop Chinese-specific application protocol classifications for Chinese peer-to-peer and file sharing services such as PPLive, Xunlei and QQ.

Konichiwa: Chinese Search Engine Names Japanese Chief

Chinese search engine (BIDU) has appointed Toshikazu Inoue as president of the company’s Japanese subsidiary.

Asia Media CEO Resigns After Accusations Of Embezzling Company Assets

Cui Jianping, founder and CEO of Asia Media Company Limited, the first Chinese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market in Japan, has resigned, after taking the blame for embezzling the company’s funds.