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IBM Cleanses Its China Ranks Of Corrupt Staff

IBM’s recent anti-corruption campaign in China has reportedly resulted in the resignation or downgrading of more than 120 employees in the company’s Chinese offices.
The Chinese media reported that about a month ago, over 120 employees from IBM China were investigated. Of them, about 100, including two top executives, were downgraded to a lower position and […]

Fujitsu Opens Quality Testing Service For Electronics Companies In China

Fujitsu Quality Laboratory Limited this week announced the establishment of a subsidiary in Suzhou which will offer local quality and environmental assurance services to companies in the electronics sector.

Cisco Will Build 50 New Networking Academies In Sichuan

At the tenth anniversary of Cisco’s (CSCO) China Networking Academy held in Chengdu, Sichuan, the company announced that it would further enhance cooperation with the Sichuan government and Sichuan Education Department to establish 50 new academies in the next three years to realize 100% coverage of this project in Sichuan’s institutes of higher learning.

VanceInfo Works With TEDA For New Venture

Chinese offshore development firm VanceInfo (VIT) has signed an agreement with Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area for a training and delivery center.

Microsoft IT Academy Program Launched In China

Microsoft (MSFT) has launched the Microsoft IT Academy program in China to help college students master advanced IT technologies to fill the talent gap for the rapid development of China’s information industry.

China Telecom Online University Signs Training Agreement With ZTE University

China Telecom Online University and ZTE University have signed a strategic cooperative agreement on close cooperation in resource sharing and training sectors.

Microsoft Increases Investments In Rural China

Microsoft (MSFT) says it will increase its investments in China next month by donating two fully equipped InfoWagons, open a Partners in Learning school, launch a Family Education PC program for rural communities in Miyun county outside Beijing, and provide digital literacy content and training in libraries and iCafes across Xinjiang.

Sun Cooperates With China On OpenSPARC Training

Sun Microsystems (SUN) has signed a three-year deal with China’s Ministry of Education to train integrated circuit talent for China and promote the development of the industry.