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China’s Huawei Gains IT Outsourcing Contract From Etisalat In Nigeria

Etisalat, the comprehensive telecom carrier in United Arab Emirates, has formed a strategic partnership with the Chinese telecom device maker Huawei for information technology services. The cooperation aims to improve Etisalat’s network and provide quality services to its users. Under the contract signed by the two parties, Huawei will be responsible for Etisalat’s information technology […] Invests USD30 Million In Overseas Advertising

While the world economy is heading to the toilet and Chinese manufacturers are preparing to feel the pinch because their overseas buyers will have no cash, is hoping a new round of international advertising will maintain its growth with helping connect Chinese suppliers with foreign customers.

United Arab Emirates’ B2B Platform Comes To China

Tejari, a B2B platform from the United Arab Emirates, has formally announced its entry into the Chinese market.