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Chinese Software Pirate Sentenced To 3.5 Years In Jail

Hong Lei, webmaster of and maker of the pirated edition of Windows XP in China, has been sentenced to 3.5 years in jail in addition to a fine of CNY1 million.
According to information from Microsoft in local media, the punishments were announced by the People’s Court of Huqiu district of Suzhou during the first […]

Microsoft Cuts Software Prices In China, Again

Microsoft (MSFT) China has announced plans to reduce the retail prices of its Windows and Office software prices in China by up to 60%.

Kingsoft Reacts To Microsoft’s Anti-piracy Measures In China

Commenting on the desktop anti-piracy measure recently launched by Microsoft (MSFT) in China, Kingsoft says that although they too are harmed by pirated software, China-based Kingsoft will not copy Microsoft’s mode and promises to continue to offer free WPS Office software to individual users.

Microsoft Will Launch New Anti-piracy Measures In China

An internal email circulating at Microsoft (MSFT) states the company will launch strict anti-piracy measures in China from October 20, 2008 to fight pirated Windows XP Professional and Office software.

Microsoft Launches One-week Software Discount In China

What’s better than free Microsoft (MSFT) software? Paid Microsoft software.

Shanghai Imposes Strict Measures To Fight Pre-installed Pirated Software

Microsoft (MSFT) and the Shanghai Copyright Bureau have jointly held a forum to begin cooperating to find and destroy bootleg operating systems and software installed on wayward computers in Shanghai.’s Founder Seized For Software Piracy

Hong Lei, the webmaster of Chinese download website and writer of Windows XP Tomato Edition, reportedly has been taken into custody by the Suzhou Public Security Bureau.

Chinese And American Police Cooperated On Fighting Pirates

Right before the World Intellectual Property Rights Day on April 26, 2008, the Shenzhen Procuratorial Department published details of a software piracy case jointly uncovered by police from China and the United States.