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Oak Pacific Interactive’s Three SNS Games Closed For Involvement Of Gang Theme

China’s Ministry of Culture has published a notice on its official website, stating that it will start to investigate gang-themed illegal online games in China.
The Ministry of Culture pointed out in the notice that gang-themed illegal online games seriously threaten and distort the social laws and ethics of China, and these themes will bring bad […]

Oak Pacific Opens In China

The Chinese Web 2.0 company Oak Pacific Interactive has announced the opening of its social networking site to developers.

China’s To Open Payment System To Third Parties

China’s leading social networking services website has announced plans to open its Internet payment system application program interface, making it the first SNS website that has opened its payment system to third parties.

Chinese Social Networking Website Opens Platform To Developers

Chinese social networking website, which is owned by Oak Pacific Interactive, has announced the launch of its Open Platform program that will for the first time allow third-party developers to provide applications to the more than 22 million users. Gains Investment From Softbank

Chinese Web 2.0 company Oak Pacific Interactive’s announced on the cusp of the Chinese May 1 Labor Day holiday that its hard work had paid off in the amount of a US$430 million infusion of capital.